Email Marketing Tips - Top 5 Spam Free Tips

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Are you unclear about what the regulations against spam require? Many people are.
It is important to know these email marketing tips to keep from having your name associated with the word spam.
Understand all laws and regulations outlined in the CAN-SPAM Act.
This act is fairly easy to comprehend if you take the time to read through it.
Include all contact information at the bottom of every email in 10 point or larger font.
This must include your full name, your company name, your physical address, email address, and phone number.
Include detailed instructions and at least one opt-out method.
The option to respond to an email with "remove" in the subject line is still acceptable, but barely.
It is much better to have a link that takes the prospect to an opt-out form.
Before long this will be required.
Always have the permission of the prospect to send them email.
All leads must be "opt-in," meaning that they have requested information.
This permission doesn't have to come from the prospect directly, but even purchased leads should contain some record of the time, date, and IP address stamp of the person requesting information.
Keep this on hand at all times.
Never argue with a prospect that they received information.
Your email marketing tips and tricks will get you nowhere if you do not simply accept the fact that people tend to do things they forget about.
You may well know that they requested information from you, but the minute they say that they didn't you need to apologize and remove them immediately.
Any other action may cause you major legal trouble.
Of course, all of these email marketing tips are taken care of for you if you utilize a complete email marketing solution.
These solutions manage all of your opt-outs for you, check your emails to ensure that they are compliant with spam regulations, and even has methods to protect you from bad leads.
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