List Building Using Information Marketing Part 1

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Welcome to the first of a series of articles designed to pull back the curtain and explain in detail the keys to successful list building using information marketing.

Anyone who has been trying to build a business on the internet knows that the key to long term sustainable income is to build a list that they can market to via a series of emails. The emails will build a relationship with the subscriber. If done right the emails will build a sense of trust which in turn will make the buying decision easy for the subscriber.

Firstly who am I and what makes me qualified to provide you with a map, a blue print, a step by step plan of how to go forward and build a successful internet business using information marketing as the building block for you list building activities?

My name is Ian Knabel and I have been making money on the internet since 2009. While not a long time, it has been long enough for me to find lots of things that didn't work and finally a system that does work and provides me with a steady, sustainable, growing and dependable income.

If you are anything like I was in the early stages you have searched the internet for ways of making money. You have probably ended up numerous lists of emails marketers and been bombarded with offers for various eBooks, programs, membership sites just like these;
€ One touch "cookie cutter" websites where all you have to do is input your ClickBank ID and you'll make $1,000 a day
€ Membership sites where for only "$97 per month you'll learn all the secrets to success"
€ A special report that "exploits" a loop hole in Google or Facebook or Twitter

If you're again like me you will have a hard drive full of these offers. Half you never got around to looking at and the other half that you did try did and busted your butt working on provided nothing but more money going out the door and lots of sleepless nights looking for the secret, the magic bullet.

What you probably found with these various programs was:
€ It doesn't matter how good the "cookie cutter" websites are without traffic to your site you can't make any sales and guess what? The sales letter didn't tell you about this one very important issue

€ Your membership site doesn't spill the beans quick enough and you can see several more months of paying money before you really start to get into the "nitty gritty" of how to make money

€ Your Google loopholes were working until the Google Panda/Farmer update came along and wiped out your income overnight as happened to me and a lot of others. You see, loopholes, tips and tricks only last for so long before which ever company it is realised they are being manipulated and change the rules.

What I'm planning to do in this series of articles is to give you the absolute truth, no holds barred, look over my shoulder and see exactly how I am building my business and making a comfortable living. The best part is I am going to give you all this absolutely FREE. The only thing I ask in return is;

If you find the information positive please scroll down to the "Get Involved" section and leave a comment. That's it for this article please stay tuned for my next article - An overview of information marketing and how it applies to your business.

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