Craft Ideas for Old Greeting Cards

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    • Recycle old greeting cards into bookmarks, which double as an inexpensive gift idea. Make a template for the bookmarks by cutting a slender rectangle from a piece of thin cardboard. Place the bookmark template over the portion of the greeting card that you wish to use. Trace the template and cut out the resulting bookmark. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark. Use a piece of yarn to thread through the hole to create a tassel for the bookmark.

      Another option is to trace the bookmark shape onto a piece of plain poster board. Cut out pictures from the greeting card and glue them to the poster board bookmark. Add a message on the bookmark as a final decorative touch.


    • Gather several old greeting cards as a material for a collage. Cut out interesting pictures and words from the front of the old greeting cards. Glue the pieces onto a piece of construction paper or poster board to create the collage. Add pictures from magazines and other sources to finish it.

    Scrapbook Embellishments

    • Use the old greeting cards from a certain event as embellishments for a scrapbook. Cut apart the cards, selecting attractive pictures and words that would work well as a scrapbook embellishment. Add the pictures and sayings to the pages of the scrapbook. Cut out the handwritten messages from the sender to add a personal touch to the scrapbook pages. This craft project allows the sentimental value of the greeting cards to be preserved without saving the entire card.

    Lacing Card

    • Use the front of an old greeting card as a lacing card for a child. Cut off the front of the card that contains the picture. Use a paper punch to punch holes around the perimeter of the card, with 1 inch between the holes. Cut a length of yarn or string that will reach around the entire card. Thread the end of the string into one of the holes and tie it to hold the string in place, leaving the remaining length of string for lacing. Have your child lace the string back and forth through each hole around the card.

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