How Can I Eat More and Weigh Less?

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The secret to having a full plate and no-so-full hips is to choose your foods carefully.
You should steer clear of processed foods, fast foods and sweet sugary or salty snacks.
The choices you make food-wise should reflect the way you want to live.
Do you want to fill you body with foods that are stuffed full of saturated fats, calories and artificial ingredients or do you want to eat foods that are fresh, free of chemicals, healthful, authentic and natural.
If you eat a diet that is full of junk, your way of life will probably be full of lethargy, illnesses and discomfort.
A diet full of fresh and natural will give you a body that looks and feels good, energetic and full of life.
Foods that are made up of mostly water, grains, fiber, fruits and vegetables are your best bet if you know you want to eat more without the ill-effects of over eating and the consequences of eating the wrong foods.
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Grains and Whole Grains
  • Water based Beverages
  • Water Based Soups These are some of the foods that you can fill up on without filling out.
    The time spent preparing your meals from fresh whole ingredients will give you a satisfaction that you cannot get from opening a bag of chips or going through the drive through.
    The delicious aroma of fresh garlic or the unbelievable flavors of basil, onions or chopped cilantro are unforgettable to most palates.
    If you are new to eating fresh whole foods, you can add flavorful spices to your recipes to help to add punch to meals that are seemingly - at the onset - less than appetizing A lot of the meat that is served at fast food restaurants is chocked full of growth hormones that will most likely have an effect on you.
    If you eat growth hormones, you will grow.
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