How to Get a Woman in Bed - 4 Steps to Make Her Want to Have Sex

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Most guys struggle with ideas on how to get a woman in bed.
It kind of reminds me of being back in high school and me and a few of my buddies would all sit there and kind of map out different methods of trying to get laid.
Well, thankfully things have turned around quite a bit for me since then, but a lot of men are still there, trying to think of better and more effective ways to get a woman to want to have sex.
For those that would try and say that sex is the last thing on their mind when they meet a woman, I would say, be honest with YOURSELF.
Seriously, we all know that most of the time, one of the first thoughts that you have when you see a good looking woman has to do with sex in one way or another.
Here are 4 steps to make her want to have sex: 1.
To get a woman in bed, there has to be sexual tension between you and her.
And you know what? It's not going to happen until you MAKE it happen.
Creating sexual tension with a woman is the fast way to getting her thinking about sex, and from there, it's not much of a stretch to actually make it happen.
She has to feel like she has to work for it in some way.
I know this is probably the OPPOSITE of what usually happens, but hey, most guys do not end up getting her in the sack.
Getting her to feel like she has to kind of work for it, instead of you doing all of the enticing makes it a lot more likely that it will actually happen for you.
You have to let her know that you are not going to treat her differently in the morning.
And you really have to stick by this if you want to get a woman in bed the next time.
So many guys run straight to their friends to brag, and then they end up wondering why she is frigid and cold the next time they try and get her in bed.
You have to tease her and give her a 'taste' of what can happen.
This is why you need to really know how to kiss a woman so that she feels passion.
When you kiss a woman, you don't want to make her feel like she just wants to get it done with, or that you are kind of clumsy.
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