Panasonic Lumix DMC Digital Camera Photo Recovery Guide

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Panasonic brand for cameras are some of the most dependable cameras on the market today.
The Lumix DMC line is no different.
The Lumix DMC series cameras are designed for ease of use, creative shooting and high quality performance.
However, even with all of the high quality features, Panasonic brand cameras are still prone to data loss resulting in formatted or corrupted memory cards.
Data loss usually occurs in situations where the batter cuts out or some other interruptions in the data stream.
Fortunately, when this problem is encountered there is no need to worry.
This article will show you how lost or deleted photos can be easily recovered.
This first thing to do is to check for physical damage on the card.
If there is any type or dirt or rust, you can try gently cleaning the SD cards surface with a microfiber lens cleaner.
Often times that will solve the problem.
Also, make sure that you have tried the card on multiple computers, as sometimes there can be communication issues with the operating system.
If you still have no luck, the rest of this guide will focus on using photo recovery software to restore lost photos.
Step 1.
Connect your SD card to the computer through a USB card reader (or in the absence of one, your cameras USB connection).
Also for laptops, simply insert SD cards in SD slots.
Step 2.
Download and installPhoto Retrieval 1.
for Windows Step 3.
Run the software right away.
This software is very efficient as it offers a photo recovery wizard that provides step-by-step instructions.
It will then to detect and scan any plugged-in devices.
Step 4.
Choose the photos to be restored.
Photo Retrieval will provide a large image preview so you can check for damaged and missing pixels.
If you are running an operating system other than Windows, there are quite a number of other photo recovery programs available, including Disk Doctors for Windows and Mac, and Wondershare Photo Recovery for Windows and Mac.
It is your choice on what software to use, but the bottom line is lost or missing photos can be easily retrieved.
There's really no need to panic; good luck!
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