How to Plan a 1960s Wedding

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    • 1). Make a list of potential guests. The size of the wedding determines much of the rest of the day. The numbers can weed out certain areas.

    • 2). Identify a location. Since you are going for a '60s feel, look at outdoor locations if possible. This can help give the "natural" feel of the era. Think about areas that were popular in the '60s and if you can re-create that feel in a location near you.

    • 3). Pick out a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. Look through the fashions of dresses from the era. This will also help determine exactly how far into the 1960s you want to get.

    • 4). Design the wedding invitations. This is going to be how you convey to the guests the theme you are going for. It is important to tell them what you expect from those attending as far as the theme.

    • 5). Pick music that will help encourage the theme. By working music of the '60s into the reception, ceremony and even first dance, you will set the mood for the day.

    • 6). Pick attire for the men. Here you can have some fun with the 1960s styles as well. If you are going more casual, consider the bright colors of the decade or even the unusual patterns.

    • 7). Hire a florist. Have an in-depth conversation with the florists you are considering to discuss how you see the flowers playing into the theme. Daisies were a popular flower of the '60s and can be worked into many areas.

    • 8). Pick a cocktail from the decade to be your signature drink. It can be a martini that comes in a splashy color or even a classic highball, but something that will stick with the time frame.

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