How to Build an Oversized Birdhouse

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    • 1). Cut three boards to measure 18 inches wide by 18 inches high. Tilt your saw blade to a 15-degree bevel when cutting the last board at 18 inches in height; this piece will form your birdhouse rear wall and the angle allows the roof to sit flush with the wall.

    • 2). Take the other two 18-by-18-inch boards and measure 15 inches on one side, making a mark for reference. Place a square so one end lines up with this mark and the other end rises at an angle to intersect the end corner of the longer side. Draw a straight line and cut. These two boards will be your birdhouse sides and the angle created provides your roof slope.

    • 3). Measure and cut another board that is 18 inches wide and 15 inches high. Set your circular saw blade to a 15-degree angle again when making the cut at 15 inches. This will be used as your birdhouse front wall and the angle allows the roof to again join the wall with minimal air gap.

    • 4). Create the birdhouse floor by cutting a piece of wood to measure 10 inches wide by 18 inches deep. Make a roof for the birdhouse by cutting a board slightly larger than the floor; 2 or 3 inches overhang in the front helps shelter the birds and their young.

    • 5). Use a hole saw to create an entry hole in the front wall. Make the hole anywhere from 3 inches for woodpeckers and similar sized birds to 6 inches for owls and ducks. Place the hole about 4 inches up from bottom for owls and ducks, and about 12 inches up for woodpeckers or other birds.

    • 6). Drill a hole in each corner of the bottom piece, and 3 small holes in the sides, near the top. These allow for ventilation and enable heat to escape.

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      Birds have individual tastes when it comes to birdhouses -- there's one for every style.birdhouse image by Andrew Orlemann from

      Assemble the birdhouse, attaching the sides and back to the floor first. Pre-drill pilot holes, then use 2-inch screws to secure.

    • 8). Turn the front wall over in front of you and glue small twigs to the inside surface. Arrange them like ladder steps, leading up to the entry hole. This provides fledglings grips to access the exit. Substitute small pieces of carpet if desired.

    • 9). Set the birdhouse down on its back and place the front wall on top. Attach springs, using screws, to both the front wall and side walls. Make sure the point of attachment is low on the front wall and higher on the sides to encourage the front to stay tightly in place. This trap-door front provides a way to clean out the birdhouse, but you can simply screw the front into place for a permanent attachment if preferred.

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      Turn the birdhouse right side up and lay the roof piece across the top. Make sure it is flush with the rear and side walls to avoid any gaps. Use screws to secure in place.

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