How to Lose Your Tummy Fat For Good!

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We all know how hard it is to lose excess tummy fat don't we? It really is the last fat to go in our bodies and exercising can seem really long and tedious with no results to be seen.
Granted, if you lose weight, your tummy will start looking leaner and flatter, but, to achieve that lean hard look you will have to bring your bodies fat index down to single digits.
How to lose tummy fat is really quite an easy thing to do if you just follow directions.
Lets take a look at the details...
Men in particular put on weight in their stomach region first.
Now for women excess weight starts to show in the butt and thigh areas.
This is a general rule of thumb, of course, but to make you tummy flat and hard then weight loss needs to occur in all these places.
If you change your daily habits and diet it can have a remarkable effect in weight loss and body toning.
Depending on what exercises you do, and, sometimes, what things you don't do, this can mean the difference in results or none at all.
So, the answer in how to lose tummy fat really rests with your habits, bad and good.
There is a big myth though...
You cannot spot dissolve fat.
So basically that`s all the late night TV rubbish on how to reduce fat in a very specific area, etc etc.
So, unfortunately, working out you abs seven times a week won't remove the fat that covers them, sorry.
And the golden rule, cut out late night food snacks.
This is a paramount rule in how to lose tummy fat.
Don`t eat within 3 hours of your bedtime, drink more water, at least 8 cups daily (also important), and cut down on sugar-crammed soft drinks.
Some people drink diet soft drinks, this is acceptable, but if you don't like the diet versions rather supplement them with water.
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