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Aside from tuition expenses, there are other costs that every student would have to consider, especially if he or she is attending college.
Compared to secondary and primary education levels, college is the most expensive.
For one, the costs of books nowadays eat up a huge chunk of the students budget and spending.
Every year, college students look forward to book expenses alone gloomily, which can already cost a fortune, depending on the course a student is into.
Publishing houses, as business entities, print books mostly for profits sake.
These companies capitalize on the demand of college books that comes around every school year.
Typical college books on the average range at around fifty dollars mainly on general studies.
Science, Finance, and Medical books go beyond a hundred dollars.
For nearly twenty years now, prices of books and reading materials have constantly recorded an increase of 6% every year according to a report from a General Accounting Office.
This percentage is actually double the inflation figure.
With everyone getting cash-strapped due to economic conditions, students should start getting by with used textbooks.
Since this is more practical, even the hunt for used textbooks has now invaded the online scene.
Going online is an alternative way for cashing in on the amount that you can save when you go shopping the old way.
With the presence of online retail stores, more people get hefty savings since prices online are actually more affordable because of lesser incidental fees and overhead costs on rents and labor.
More students find online shopping of used books much cheaper, more economical, and quite interesting, given the wide choices.
So, instead of buying books with crisp new pages, why not check out secondhand textbooks so you can save some bucks that you can set aside for other students stuff? Used textbooks are actually better to use since their worn out pages give readers the feel that the books have been constantly flipped through sending the idea that they are indeed very useful to the student.
Here is a quick fact on used books sales in the US in 2004: - Total sales hit above $2.
2 billion wherein $600M came from online sales.
- Total sales grew 11% in 2003 to 2004.
- Over 110 million used books were sold.
This accounts for 8% of the total books sold and 30% of the value of sales of all textbooks sold.
On general books: - Used books accounted $600 million worth.
- Average price is $8.
- Sales are 3% of the entire value of general books.
The market of used textbooks online is buffing up today, and students should make a jump on this and save up on those cash.
Get 75% off from the regularly priced textbooks when you opt for used textbooks instead.
Enjoy prices below 50 bucks and rake in that extra savings.
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