How to Ventilate a Wig

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    • 1). Determine the hairstyle you want the wig to have so you know which direction the hair strands should fall on the wig.

    • 2). Place the wig base material on a bald cosmetology mannequin head.

    • 3). Attach two or three strands of hair to a ventilating needle. Start at the neck nape area of the wig and pull the hairs from the underside of the wig through to the top. Fold the strand over to make a loop and put the curve of the hook through the loop. Pull through the lace material.

    • 4). Hold the loose end of the hair strands in on your free hand. Keep the loop on the hook and swing it around and grab the strands that were made after the fold.

    • 5). Bring all the strands of hair through the loop, which will form a knot into the lace material. Pull the knot tight.

    • 6). Repeat Steps 3 through 5 for the remaining back section of the wig. Then work on the sides and the top in the same manner.

    • 7). Loop only a single strand of hair into the ventilating needle when you are working on the front section of the wig in order to create smaller knots in the wig and a more realistic overall look.

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