How to Repair a Tablet PC Input Device

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Troubleshoot Problems With the Input Device of Your Tablet PC


Try using the spare input device for your Tablet PC. Depending on the model of the Tablet PC that you own, you may be able to use your finger in place of the pen. If the new input device that you try to use with your Tablet PC has the same problems, there may be either a software or hardware problem with the Tablet PC, rather than a problem with the input device itself.

Install the latest drivers. You can check for driver updates through "System Information" in your Control Panel. If there are no new drivers available, reinstall the current drivers to ensure that they are not the problem.

Create a backup copy of the files that you need. If the input device and its drivers were not the problem, there may be a problem with the operating system on your Tablet PC or its hardware. The repair process could lead to a loss of data.

Use System Restore to restore your computer to a point in time when the input device was working properly. You can select among any restore points that your Tablet PC created prior to the time when you first noticed problems with your Tablet PC.

Reinstall the operating system if your problem persists after using System Restore. Performing a clean install of your operating system will erase the contents of your Tablet PC in their entirety. If your input device continues to malfunction after reinstalling the operating system, the problem is not related to the software.

Contact the manufacturer of your Tablet PC to schedule service. If the problem with your Tablet PC is related to the hardware, you may not have the tools or knowledge needed to repair it. Trying to repair your Tablet PC yourself could also void your warranty.
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