Tips to Craft an Effective Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

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Has digital given rise to content or need for content given rise to the digital world? The question is as good as which came first the chicken or the egg. Whichever came first, todayâEUR(TM)s world demands a complete presence from both social media and content. You need to ensure that your content is well written and is marketable. The most promising part of marketing is an effective social media content marketing strategy. Here are some tips to craft an effective social media content marketing strategy which you need to consider when marketing the content.
Set Measurable Content Development Goals
What are you developing the content for? You need to find content generates the traffic metrics you are looking out for. The metrics you need to look out for depends on the end goal of content marketing. Like if you wish to generate traffic, you need to look out for unique visitors while if you wish to increase followers you need to look out for subscribers etc. Interaction can be measured by the quantity of interaction and the kind of interaction. Make sure you do some research on your content goals, and the kind of metrics you wish to achieve.
Learn from the Big Brands
Just because you are a small business or a brand that has just about started out, does not mean you cannot learn things from big brands. Find out how big brands conduct their content marketing. Know who their consumers are, and how they get their consumers to interact with their brands. You will need to find out the channels for interaction that these brands adopt. Your basic research while inducting in social media based content marketing would be to use social media to find out more about your consumers.
Increase the Frequency of your Posts & Updates
It is all about shouting out loud so that people get to hear your voice. In this case you will need to shout out loud and more often in order to ensure your consumers are hearing you. If you are on Facebook, make sure you update your status at least 3-4 times a day depending on the kind of brand you are. Make sure you update your status daily. There are insights available on every social media tool. Use them to find out the most ideal time to post your updates.
Explore the Mind of your Consumer
When you are planning to craft an ideal and effective social media content marketing strategy, you need to make sure you understand the mind of the consumer you are dealing with. There is a lot of data available about your consumer on the various social media forums. Insights are also data that can help you a lot. Identify the content that is most relevant. Do a small competition research and find out what time does your competition post their messages.
Real Time Interaction Pays Well
There is always a difference between chats and messaging! You will see that chats engage you while messages that are sent at a later stage donâEUR(TM)t interest you much. The real time interaction is what engages most of us. This is why when you are carrying out social media content marketing strategy, make sure you include some portions of real time interaction. This would mean that you are actually taking pains to engage the consumer and keeping him active.
Accept & Include the Changes Immediately
Recently Facebook and Twitter underwent heavy changes that created a whole new experience for the consumers. As a brand trying to converse with your users, you need to be aware of the changes and should adopt it with immediate effect. You should not waste time behind allowing the changes to happen and not accepting it. Apart from the page changes, you should be aware of the latest updates related to social networking sites. LetâEUR(TM)s say there has been some business update on Facebook, make sure you are aware of it. This way you are in line with your consumers and know what to tell them, and how to converse with them.
Finding the Content with Hashtags
Till a long time hashtags were used only to denote number. But, with social media hashtags have taken a different approach. Now you can introduce your content and make it marketable with hashtags. You need to use relevant hashtags and make your content ready for viewing. More and more consumers will be reached only when you use the relevant hashtags. Find out which ones are trending, and use them far more easily.
Infographics are Becoming Popular! Use Them!
Infographics are the best way to give out relevant information in a way that the consumers would read. Writing too much in your content would make the users uninterested in the whole thing. Instead use information combined with graphics and data and see how easily people begin looking for your content. Infographics are pretty marketable too! You will see that more and more people share infographics making your content popular.
Analytics is a Great Tool! Use It!
What is your user finding interesting? Which content is more saleable? These are questions that analyticsâEUR(TM) attempts at answering. Make sure you use the new social media analytics with full faith. If you donâEUR(TM)t know how to use it, learn it! It will come to use whenever you need it the most.
Share your Content Smartly
While there are various social media tools available for sharing your content, you should know which group and what tool is extremely useful for the content you have developed. Only smart sharing will get you the necessary consumers and readers on board. When you indulge in smart sharing, you content is presumably more marketable.
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