MCITP Certification - Your Questions Answered

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What Is The MCITP Certification? MCITP stands for Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional.
It is a range of Microsoft certifications offered for various Microsoft technologies, and is a level above the MCTS on their certification hierarchy.
Many of them include exams taken at the MCTS level and build on the knowledge gained at that level as well.
What Are The MCITP Requirements? The requirements for an MCITP certification vary between technologies.
Many of them require an associated MCTS certification, which in most cases means passing one or two exams.
It is also recommended that you have at least one year of job experience in the related technology.
So, if you're going for the MCITP Enterprise Desktop Administrator on Windows 7, it's recommended that you have at least three years experience with administering Windows 7.
It also includes two exams, one of which is the exam for an MCTS certification.
What Is The MCITP Certification Path? Pretty much all of the MCITP certifications start with an MCTS certifications.
You should confirm on the Microsoft website (as they can change without notice), but each of the MCITP certifications include an exam that is from an MCTS certification.
So, we've established that the MCTS is before the MCITP certification.
What else is involved? What is next? Well, there is another certification called the MCPD - Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, which are a similar level to the MCITP.
This could be an option for you, depending on the technology you're getting certified in.
You could also obtain another MCITP, as there are some technologies that have several MCITP-level certifications.
Generally, the next step after the MCITP is to look at an MCM certification - the Microsoft Certified Master.
This is a high level certification and is not for the inexperienced! Where Can I Start? To start with the MCITP certifications, decide which technology you wish to learn more about or get qualified in.
Start looking into the requirements for these - in many cases, this is an MCTS certification.
Break the exams down one by one, and concentrate on the subject areas in each exam while you study.
When you've passed all the required exams, you've gotten your MCITP! Of course, it's easier said than done.
Creating a study plan, reading the subject material, getting some practice in the topics - these will all help.
Actually, that just gave me a good idea for a post - how to study for your IT certification exam! Stay tuned for that one! Where Can I Find More Information? You can browse the Microsoft websites, and browse around in forums as well.
If you don't feel like you have the time to do that, you could read the IT Certification Guide that I have just released.
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