The Facts About Inducing Labor at Home

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Being pregnant and overdue can be a frustrating feeling.
We all like to be in control of our bodies, but during a pregnancy we usually have no control of when you will begin labor.
By the time your 9 months is there you just want to be able to hold your child and welcome them home.
For many women having their baby at home is the preferred place to give birth.
Having birth at home gives you many advantages to having your baby at a hospital or birthing center.
You are in more control, you can move around wherever you want and you're more comfortable in your own home.
If you are planning on having your baby at home, many suggest you learn about labor and maternity acupressure.
If your midwife hasn't suggested it already talk to her about it.
Many midwives and even some doctors are seeing the benefits of using acupressure techniques to help pregnant women.
Using acupressure to induce an overdue pregnancy is more natural and safer then inducing by other medical means.
When you strip or rupture a woman's membranes labor contractions can be more intense than if her labor started naturally.
An over stimulated labor can cause distress to your baby and cause other medical problems.
When you use acupressure your body naturally begins labor on its own.
When you know how to use maternity acupressure points and relaxation points you can avoid distressing your baby.
You also can have an easier, safer and shorter labor.
When maternity acupressure is performed properly, it can dramatically offer pain relief during child birth.
The techniques used in maternity and labor acupressure to induce labor are easy and no prior knowledge is needed.
The use of a birthing ball and cushions are highly effective in supporting a woman while the techniques are being applied.
Using a bed, chair, or pillows you can also get into a position that gives your partner the accessibility to some of the pressure points.
There are also many good positions that you can move into or through to help your baby get in the right position.
Many positions such as kneeling on all fours, raising your posterior to the ceiling with your head down will help to relieve pressure on your cervix.
You may find yourself relying on your partner to keep applying the acupressure points once your labor starts.
The natural pain relief and the calming effect that the released endorphins give can be quite addictive during those intense contractions.
Using acupressure for a home delivery can give you the feeling of self control and relief that what you are doing is complexly safe for you and your baby.
Many women that have used acupressure for inducement have found that the birth was shorter, easier and very safe.
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