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Both Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki say that if they had to start all over again they would build their fortunes in the network marketing, direct sales industry. I almost forgot, Warren Buffet also bought several network marketing companies last year.

Why is everyone attracted to this industry but the failing rate is really high? It's simple, over 90 percent of the money in this industry is made by the company owners.

They also know something about leverage!

Most entrepreneurs and common working people are lured to this industry by dreams of riches and easy money. A better lifestyle, less work, more free time, and nice cars.

Yet most will fail. Here's a short story of these startling statistics.

You must join a team or group that will really show you the common denominators of their success, if they don't you are dead in the water. Most people don't realize that unless you are able to leverage the experience of the leaders on your team, you will go broke long before you ever make a substantial income. In the end the only people making money in most companies are the owners themselves and a few people at the top.

The only way to achieve true success is to leverage the knowledge of those who are already successful. Once this happens you will be able to achieve the "impossible", due to the collective years of experience. This eliminates 90% of the learning curves and struggles that typically cause most people to fail and give up on their initial dreams.

Instead of taking the approach that MLM and direct sales is a money game, find a company and product that you can be proud of and that actually works.

Like you, 79 million other Americans plan to start a business in the next 3-5 years.

Join a company that is positioned very nicely to assist many of those 79 million to generate a six figure income from home without the hamster-wheel lifestyle most Americans consider normal.

Millions of people are also awakening to the fact that they are getting Ripped off and only making pennies on the dollar for what they are actually worth.

I help people make what they are worth (and happily make a residual income for life :-)

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