Bathroom Ventilation Guide

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Did you know that a bathroom can be a great place to unwind and relax? You can choose to ignore exasperating phone calls and annoying door bells! Hence, it becomes essential that you make your bathroom as pleasing and comfortable as possible. Everyone is so bothered about attractive bathroom décor and plush bathroom fittings, that a crucial aspect is often forgotten - bathroom ventilation.

As you'll be spending considerable time inside the bathroom, ventilation is not only healthy, but also necessary. A bathroom ventilation fan is a ready solution to achieve this purpose. A bathroom ventilation fan will suck out moist air present in your bathroom. So if your bathroom mirrors often cloud up with fogginess and haziness, you should realize that it's time to install a bathroom ventilator.

Are you clueless about what kind of exhaust fan to buy? Well, it's actually simple – these fans are rated by cubic foot per minute (CFM), so the larger the bathroom, the greater the CFM you should look for. A bathroom with a lavatory or bathtub would require just around 50 CFM, while larger bathing fittings such as jetted bathtubs will need at least 100 CFM. You need to turn on your Bathroom Ventilation Fan before stepping into the shower cubicle or bathtub. If you wish to save on your electricity bills, an automated bathroom ventilator can do the trick. It is programmed to switch off a few minutes after the shower is turned off. The other alternative you can choose is the Bathroom Exhaust Fans Light. This fixture looks exactly like a bathroom decorative light (they light up too!) and serves an additional function as an exhaust fan.

It's not just about getting rid of vapor from steam; bathroom ventilation serves another purpose too. No one likes a bad smell lingering in their bathroom! A bathroom ventilator remedies this as well. Pick from a wide range of bathroom ventilation fans, fixtures, and lights from Home Improvement Superstore – a one-stop shop for everything needed in a home. So if you want to soak in a hot water bath without clouds of vapor hanging around you, arrange for bathroom ventilation immediately!
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