Arizona Tree Care

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    Statewide Certified Arborists

    • Along with the increase in the number of trees in the state, the number of certified arborists also has risen. The University of Arizona reported 223 certified arborists statewide in 2000, compared with only 17 in 1996. These professionals are trained in all aspects of tree care.

    Tree Care Issues

    • Tree care needs in Arizona are similar to those in other areas of the country in many regards. Cultural issues specific to the area include water stress (not enough water) and compacted soil (brought on by dryness and heat).

    Insects and Diseases

    • Insects that commonly attack Arizona trees include carpenter worms, tree borers, aphids, spider mites, elm leaf beetles and tent caterpillars. Ailments include fungi diseases such as phytophthora root rot and rust diseases, bacterial diseases such as crown gall and fire blight, and non-parasitic diseases such as Aleppo pine blight and leaf scorch. Treatment by certified tree arborists is recommended.

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