How to Clean Registry in the right way

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How to clean registry? If you ask this questions, you might be interested to do it by yourself. Unfortunately, cleaning registry is not as easy as you expect. The process involves modifying with registry file which can cause many problems such as stopping of applications or Windows operating system. You might think of hiring expensive tech guy and wish for the best. In this article, I will show you how to clean registry by yourself in the easiest way.

After previous warning, if you don't know about registry. I think, it's good to understand now. Windows registry is the core of windows information. It contains information about user preferences, software and hardware configuration. It is one of the most important data that shared by across applications such as Word or Excel.

This registry trouble might come from application that intentionally want to destroy your PC such as virus or spyware. This bad behavior program will store dirty item in your registry. Since Windows relies on registry data to work properly. This can cause many problem in your computer stability. For example, you might not be able to boot into your Windows.

There are many registry cleaner software on the Internet. Some are free some are not. I suggest that you follow this process when you don't know how to clean registry.

1. Do not edit file registry by hand I still want to emphasize that you should stay away from editing registry by hand as much as possible because the outcome does not worth it. You can mistakenly do more harm than good to your computer. If you really want to work this way, I recommend that you should start studying some basics of registry before performing any editing. And do not forget to save your file first.

2. Scan with Free Registry Tool such as CCleaner. CCleaner is a free registry tool that know how to clean registry. All you need to do is install and let it run daily. This free tool can scan and fix many common error of registry. CCleaner is very fast so you do not need to wait more than a few seconds in each run. This tool knows how to find rarely used space in your PC and can remove it as well.

3. If you computer is still slow, it's time to invest on paid registry cleaner. Choose the one that offer you lifetime upgrade because there always new registry problem all the time like new virus introducing every single day. This support should be a must.

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There are many registry cleaners on Internet, if you still want to know how to clean registry by yourself or not, please visit my website at website at Daniel (Registry How) Ryan like to make his Windows machine as clean as possible.
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