Brief Introduction Of Cement Bord

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There are many materials that can be used in building construction. Gypsum board ceiling tiles, cement board, wood, stone materials and many different metal plate are generally used in building decoration. Each of these ornament materials has its own advantages to some extent.

Compared to gypsum board and some other building materials, cement board has great advantages over the following aspects:

First, although gypsum board has many good properties, it also has some fatal flaws.Gypsum board ceiling tiles is made of raw gypsum. It has light weight, high strength, thin thickness and some other advantages. This kind of building materials are one of the most sound insulting as well as heat prevention new type ornament materials. It has been widely applied in office building, stores, hotels as well as many workshops. It can be used as internal parting wall, Wall cladding panels, ceiling, acoustic panel and some other decorative plates. non-watertight is the biggest weakness of gypsum board. Due to the composition of gypsum board, this kind of building materials cannot prevent water which may bring great damage to the buildings. Compared to gypsum board, cement board has good water-proof property. It can proof water as well as anti-moisture.

Second, compared to density board, cement board has good property of fire-prevention. Density board also called fiber board. It uses wood fiber or plant fiber as raw materials. Then manufacturers add some chemical compositions into it to make the material fit peoples demand. It can divided into high density board, mid-density board as well as low density board. Due to the property of fiberglass, this kind of material is easy to fire. compared to density board, cement board has better fire proof property as cement is hard to fire.

Besides, compared to calcium silicate board, cement board has better sound insulation property as well as anti-cracking performance. calcium silicate board looks like cement board on the surface. Many merchant in the market uses calcium silicate board to instead cement board. The purpose is to reduce their production cost. Due to

Last but not least, when comes to stone materials, cement board has the preponderance of cost and continued supplement. Cement board also has the good lasting life cycle compared to some aluminum materials. Such as aluminum tee bar and other ceiling materials.

All in all, as the different composition of raw materials that can be used for building construction, cement board has many advantages. In the future, it may be wider and wider used in decorative industry.
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