Professional BBQ in Your Own Home

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Have you ever wanted to make competition quality BBQ? You know, the type that is cooked so perfectly that the meat just falls off the bone and melts in your mouth with an explosion of flavors? With Competition BBQ Secrets, you now have a guide that will teach you exactly how to make mouth watering BBQ right at home.
First off, what this book stresses is that the most important thing to know when making good BBQ is HOW to prepare the food.
You can have the best sauce and dry rub in the world, but if the meat isn't cooked correctly, that doesn't matter at all.
Competition BBQ Secrets will teach you what methods to use to make excellent BBQ all on your own.
This book isn't filled up with pages and pages of junk recipes that don't tell you anything on how to cook the ribs.
The book is only filled with what you need to know to make professional quality BBQ in your own home, using the tools that you already have.
You will learn what type of wood to use and how it will impact the flavor of your meat, how you can use any type of equipment that you already have.
Basically, you can smoke with anything.
Rubs will be explained in the book, and the best way to utilize them to bring out all the flavors in the meats you use.
And mentioning the meat, America's BBQ Secrets will teach you how to smoke everything..
Butts, Ribs, Brisket, and even turkey.
All of that comes in one, easy to use and easily printable book that is only 73 pages so you can take it wherever you want to go and cook.
So if you want to start making high quality, competition level BBQ, make sure you check out America's BBQ Secrets!
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