How to Set Up TV Tuners for a PC

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    • 1). Open up your computer and look for an empty Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) or PCI Express (PCI-E) port. A typical PCI port is a white socket on the motherboard, located near the computer's back. There are usually two or more of these. A PCI-E port looks much the same, but it is about a quarter of a regular PCI port's length. When shopping, know that a PCI-E card will fit into a regular PCI slot. If your computer does not have a free PCI or PCI-E slot, or if your computer is a laptop, then buy a USB TV tuner stick.

    • 2). Pick a PCI port to install your TV tuner card into and remove the plate on your computer case that covers the front of this port. Push the card down into the port and secure it with a screw on the top of the card's metal plate. Close your case and plug your computer into the wall. Re-attach any peripherals, such as the keyboard or monitor, you removed. If you need to install a USB TV tuner stick, plug it into a free USB port anywhere on your computer.

    • 3). Attach a coaxial cable to your TV tuner's coaxial port. This port looks exactly like what is on the back of any cable-ready television. Attach the other end of the cable to your TV signal. For example, attach it to an antenna for over-the-air channels, or attach it to your cable box for digital cable.

    • 4). Turn your computer on, if you shut it off in any of the previous steps. Insert the driver disc that came with your TV tuner and install all of its drivers. Do not bother installing any other software packaged with your tuner, if Windows Media Center is already installed on your computer.

    • 5). Go to the Windows "Start" button and type "Media Center" in the search bar. Press "Enter" to open Windows Media Center. Go to "TV + Movies" and then click on "Set Up TV Signal" to begin setting up Media Center to work with your TV tuner. The wizard will ask you some questions to set up a program guide, and then it will find all of your available channels. Once the wizard is finished, you can begin watching TV using Media Center.

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