Build Your Own Tiki Bar

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Backyard entertainment in America usually centers around a pool, a spa, a barbecue or perhaps a lawn full of kids and beach balls.
One of the old standards in garden entertainment additions is making a comeback - the Tiki bar, complete with thatched roof and bamboo stools.
Actually, this project can be built from many different materials as can any stools or tables built as part of the project.
All of them can be constructed with affordable, durable materials and with tools that are probably already in your toolbox or garage.
The key to the success of this project is locating the right set of instructions that not only provide excellent direction but are designed to result in an affordable project.
Many of the Tiki bar plans available online are blueprints or elaborate diagrams that confuse more than they clarify.
What is required for a successful DIY Tiki bar is a manual, not a set of drawings.
You should have a set of instructions that describes each step clearly and provides illustrations of those steps as well.
With a clear path laid out, guidelines to the materials you'll need and the tools on hand it's just a matter of proceeding with both caution and confidence.
A good set of Tiki bar plans will give you all of the structural guidance you need and take you through the detail work as well.
Since your job as host will be behind the bar you'll want to include the shelving and the cabinets that make your Tiki bar a complete entertainment facility with storage for glasses, bottles and equipment.
What's a Tiki bar without a blender? Your instructions should explain how to construct a cabinet and mount doors on it accurately, in steps that a do it yourselfer can handle.
To make your Tiki bar complete you will certainly want a small refrigerator and a power outlet for that blender.
Providing a couple of electrical outlets may be something you wish to leave to an electrician; some of us are accustomed to working with electrical outlets and some of us are not.
A good set of instructions will explain how to go about this aspect of the project if it's something you wish to tackle.
The local home improvement outlet may not have the thatching you need for your final touch - the roof.
You can find thatch and other specialty products for this project online as well.
The best instruction manual for building your own Tiki bar is available online as an instant download.
You can find resources for other materials there as well.
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