How to Replace a Damaged Wood Laminate Plank

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    • 1). Use your hammer and prybar to carefully remove the floor trim from the closest parallel wall to the damaged board, and from the two perpendicular walls. Set the trim aside.

    • 2). At the parallel wall, begin pulling apart the tongue-and-groove flooring, starting at the expansion gap in the floor that was revealed by removing the trim. Pull it straight apart from the side. (Don't pull upward or you'll break the milling.)

    • 3). Continue removing the flooring course by course, working your way across the room and toward the damaged board. Each time you remove a board, set it down close to where it was so you will know where it goes in relation to the other boards when you put it all back together.

    • 4). Remove the damaged board when you get to it. Replace it with the same length of new board. (The flooring kit will come with a few standard lengths of planks; pick the one that's the same as the one you're removing.) Install the new board by snapping the tongue-and-groove connections to the end of the adjacent board and alongside the next course.

    • 5). Put the floor back together in the reverse order of the way you took it apart, snapping together the boards and working your way back to the parallel wall, course by course. Make sure to use the same boards you took out, in the same order, so the pieces that were cut for the ends line up correctly.

    • 6). Once it's all back together, reinstall the floor trim, covering the expansion gaps at the sides of the floor and holding the floor down.

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