Commercial Refrigeration and National Food Standards & Requirements

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Commercial refrigeration equipment is an absolute requirement for any business, restaurant, café or food factory where food is handled, stored or sold. Correct refrigeration of foods is not only a legal requirement but will ensure your food – which you've paid money for – will stay fresh, tasty and edible. High quality refrigeration suppliers, like Crown Commercial Group, will advise you on the best commercial refrigeration equipment for you and your business.

All refrigerators, including commercial refrigeration equipment, are designed to keep food at a low temperature which slows down the bacterial growth in foods. Bacterial growth is rapid in food when temperatures are between 4 - 60?C and this is often referred to as the Danger Zone as bacteria can sometimes double in as little as 20 minutes. It is best to set your refrigeration equipment at below 4?C as this will protect most foods again bacterial growth.

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All commercial food professionals should ensure their kitchens are equipped with commercial refrigeration equipment that protects food from the two serious types of bacteria that can develop in food:

-      Pathogenic Bacteria – this bacteria causes foodborne illness

-      Spoilage Bacteria – these bacteria cause food to deteriorate and start to smell, taste bad and change textures.

Protect your food and your customers by installing the correct commercial refrigeration equipment in your restaurant or café and ensure it is set to the correct temperature.

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Another issue that can arise in commercial kitchens is the use of cleaning chemicals. Some people feel that when cleaning food preparation surfaces or refrigeration equipment natural cleaning products are best. If you want to avoid cleaning your refrigeration equipment and other cooking equipment with chemicals then some natural ways to clean are below:

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-      Use a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar to wipe inside commercial refrigeration equipment. Vinegar is great for destroying mildew.

-      Mix together baking soda and water to wash the inside of refrigerators and other storage areas. This is a natural cleaner but allow units to air out afterwards.

-      Place loose coffee grounds or baking soda in an open container at the bottom of your refrigeration equipment. Bad smells will be drawn into the coffee or baking soda.

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Crown Commercial Group knows all about the commercial kitchen industry and especially about what commercial refrigeration equipment you may need in your business. They offer a service that is second to none and a range that will ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for. Their showroom service is fantastic as they listen to your needs and make suggestions based on your requirements and their knowledge.

Their commercial refrigeration equipment after-sale service is just as good as their showroom service. They offer a 24 hour in house service team of qualified refrigeration and catering equipment technicians who are on hand to help you with any emergency refrigeration equipment breakdowns- 24/7.
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