Asian-inspired Makeover For Your Home

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Asian themed design has gained popularity among interior decorators over the past decade. Asian design is known for clean lines and bold colors. It is the ultimate blend of simplistic decor and extravagant design. When you walk into an Asian inspired setting, you cannot help but feel the instant calmness that surrounds the room. These rooms are absolutely stunning with their silky textures and serene style.

Many people think decorating with an Asian theme is both expensive and complicated. This is a common misconception among interior designers. Asian themed design is actually relatively inexpensive because of the minimalistic style. Choose your furnishings carefully and keep them small in scale. Dark wood is the perfect choice for an Asian room. Choose straight lines and keep it simple. Coffee tables should be low to the ground and rectangular, rather than round. Also incorporate clean lines by using Asian-inspired tapestries or art on the walls.

Most of the color that will come into your Asian decorated room will be from the accessories. Silk napkins with beautiful colors will add the right affect to a dining room. Pillows can be added in such colors as blue, gold, purple, and even rich reds. Placing satin and beads on them both will add to your room and will not cost a whole lot.

Bamboo is a classic choice for Asian decorating. Bamboo is a large grass plant native to the eastern world. You can buy bamboo plants to add a touch of greenery to an Asian room. This gives another layer of texture and softness to the minimalistic design. Bamboo is also a great choice for picture frames, rugs and even window blinds. You can find many things made from bamboo to creatively accent your Asian design.

You can't forget about the Oriental rug, all Asian decor needs this included in the room. These beautiful works of arts have been part of the Asian culture for years. Get a color that is deep and rich; add some accessories around the room to bring out those designs in your rug.

Water in another crucial element in a successful Asian designed. You can choose from indoor fish ponds to small fountains, but make sure you add some form of water to your room. The serenity of Asian rooms is often exaggerated by the sound of falling water. This little accent can pull the entire design together in your Asian inspired makeover.

Last but not least paper is the last element to add into the room design. Great Japanese or Asian themed lanterns are a wonderful idea to place in the room for lighting. Fans are another great option to add as decor on the walls instead of pictures. Neutral colored walls will need a bit of colorful decor to give the room a simple yet Asian inspired makeover. If you are able to add these elements into your room, you can't go wrong.

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