3 Easy Deck Or Patio Decorating Tips

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It doesn't have to cost and arm and a leg to redecorate, in fact, these 3 easy deck or patio decorating tips are cost effective enough to work with most any budget and can make an outstanding decor difference with an outdoor living area.
If your outdoor patio or deck area gets little use, determine why that is.
Does it receive too much direct sun or perhaps, too windy, offers little privacy? A great solution to mitigate these issues is to hang outdoor curtains.
Outdoor curtains, you ask? Think of those great striped beach cabanas.
Cotton canvas panels act as a wind barrier and shade thus providing an elegant ambiance.
You will want to use a medium to heavy weight canvas material.
Consider a design or theme to be hand-painted or hand-stamped on the canvas to give a personal decor touch.
Adding a thick braided sisal rope, as an example, for tiebacks provides a useful and decorative finish.
A second decorating tip: canvas pillow cushion covers.
These can greatly enhance an outdoor area using a design or color of choice.
If the area is partially covered, adding a day bed with a canvas cover is a great way to add seating or as a favorite place to stretch out and snooze or read.
Be sure to add lots of canvas pillows.
If the outdoor furniture is looking a bit tattered, perhaps its time to replace with newly painted cushion covers; these can instantly refresh patio or deck furniture.
Make sure the covers are removable for washing.
Last, but not least, utilize canvas rugs and wall art.
An area rug outdoors works well if placed out of direct sun.
So, too, wall art on canvas.
You want to be certain that canvas rugs and wall hangings include a finish of polyurethane to protect and allow easy cleaning with a damp rag.
Soft and muted, floral or modern, bright and sassy, whatever your style let it spill over to the floors and walls of your patio or deck.
In planning, create a design theme or focus of color for your outdoor area.
If the goal is to create more of a tranquil respite from the world, recreate your favorite place, for example, the beach, using tropical colors and flora.
For entertaining purposes, placing furniture, or benches with canvas cushions, together or in small groups provides an outdoor living room for conversations and dining.
Be sure to consider lighting options: candles, twinkle lights or torches for added ambiance.
By applying any or all, these 3 easy deck or patio decorating tips i.
, outdoor curtains, pillow cushion covers and canvas rugs can provide an extension of your home for you and/or your guests to enjoy.
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