He Who Learns the Most Wins

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He who learns the most wins, at face value this sounds different than many statements we have heard in the past.
When we consider the basis behind it and understand the importance of learning in our lives the connection will become plain.
This may seem as an oversimplified statement but it is very true.
The level of our knowledge limits the height of our accomplishments.
It is impossible to achieve something greater than you know.
We can attempt to go beyond our knowledge levels because of our experience and abilities but these are also factors of knowledge.
Everything new we attempt using what we already know is a stepping-stone to advancing the knowledge we already have.
Applying this precept can boost your awareness of the possibilities available to you by merely being conscious of your surroundings.
All of the things we come in contact with in life contribute to our learning no matter how minor they may seem.
Knowledge can be gained through the speech and actions of others if we will only notice them.
Through their responses and reactions we gain insight into different ways to approach many situations in our own lives.
It is always better to learn from the actions of others than to rely solely on the trial and error method ourselves.
Knowledge is a gift we should try to give others.
Many times people are afraid to share their knowledge with someone else, they fear the other person will take the position they hold or they will lose prominence in someone's eyes.
There times when this may be true but I have found teaching others not only makes my labor easier, it also builds their self-confidence.
This will benefit us both because they will continue to advance in their abilities and also know I am willing to assist them in it.
This builds a bond and friendship that will grow beyond their gaining knowledge, they will realize you actually care for their well being and are trustworthy.
As you see learning is winning and knowledge is power.
Without it no one can possibly achieve the goals, dreams or even the daily tasks they have.
This is no new concept; as it was stated thousands of years ago by a wise king, "A wise man has great power, and a man of knowledge increases strength.
" Proverbs 24:5
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