Tips to Make Your Next Vet Visit Easier

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Make Your Dog Feel Secure The easiest way to make your dog feel secure is to bring him in his crate.
A crate will contain familiar smells and provide comforting barriers between him and the other animals.
If your dog is too large for a crate keep him closely leashed and bring a toy from home.
This will distract him, but make sure that other dogs do not approach to take the toy, as this could cause fighting.
Be Free With the Treats There is no shame in bribing your dog to behave.
Sometimes the wait can be long, and getting your pup to sit still is very difficult.
Let your dog know that his good behavior will be rewarded by slipping him treats occasionally.
Make sure you feed them straight from your hand however.
Once again, if any dogs approach to take a treat that has been placed on the floor it could mean trouble.
Exercise First One of the best ways to make your vet visit stress free is by exercising your dog before his visit to lower his energy level.
If your dog doesn't have nervous energy stored up, he won't be able to maintain a constant nervous anxiety.
Take your dog for a short run or play fetch for a while to quiet his mind.
This, more than anything else, will truly help make your dog calmer at the vet's office.
A trip to the vet's office doesn't have to be a barking, leash-tugging nightmare.
With a few simple human tricks you can calm your dog and lower his stress level
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