How to Solve Algebra Word Problems

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In mathematics, recognition and proper tracing of word problems with understanding of required key elements is very important while solving it. Every word problem gets more complex when students are not able to trace them in a mathematical expression.

Friends today we are going to talk about algebra word problems. As we know algebra is a mathematical branch in which daily life situations are converted into algebraic equation and put as a query in front of students. But the advantage of algebra word problems is that it consists of all the necessary information in its words which is sufficient to solve it. For making students well prepared to solve algebra word problems, online math help is provided by various online math tutoring websites. Let us take an example of an algebra word problem and see how online math tutor helps us to solve it:

Q. --The elder brother Sam is two year elder than his younger sister Aisha and the sum of their ages together is 8. So, find their individual ages. For solving any word problem first identify the required key elements, as here key elements are Sam's age and Aisha's age so We denote Sam's age as S and Aisha as A, so the information provided in problem is that "sum of their ages is 8" So by this we can form a linear algebra equation as; S + A = 8

And problem also consist that Sam is 2 year elder than Aisha so by this S = A + 2 We can write it as S – A = 2

Now we have two linear equations which is sufficient for finding value of two unknown variables. So by simplifying both equations we have S = 5 and A = 3.

Algebra problems relatively get more complex in student's higher studies as college algebra or high school algebra. But one thing remains constant that these complex problems are also solved by using standard mathematical properties which are traditionally included in every algebra grade like algebra 1 or 6 etc. So for making students aware of all the basic fundamentals of algebra, online algebra 1 help and college algebra help is provided by various expert and intelligent online math tutors. These online math tutors provide regular math lessons which helps students to enhance their mathematical skills by learning basic principles and solving various worksheets. Online tutor uses video aids for explaining algebra 1 fundamentals in a more interactive manner.
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