How to Replace a Front Door Seal

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    • 1). Open the front door and inspect its edges for seal mounted to the door and for whether or not the door will prevent you from reaching the seal on the door jamb. Use a drill to remove the door from its hinges, if necessary, to reach all areas of the seal.

    • 2). Pull old seal gaskets from grooves around the doorway, or tap a pry bar with a hammer to remove old metal strip gaskets attached to the jamb. Measure the door and/or the door jamb where the seal was removed to find the length of replacement gasket needed.

    • 3). Install replacement seal that is either a push vinyl beading gasket or metal-edged strip. Push a vinyl beading gasket into the existing track around the door frame by holding the beading to the track and pressing it with a small block of wood. Continue to move the wood down the beading until all of the gasket is inserted into the track around the door.

      Measure and cut metal-edged strips to the height and width of the doorway so you can secure the strips by running them from corner to corner. Hold a strip against the door, and insert a 1-inch nail every 6 to 8 inches through the metal and into the wood underneath to hold the strip in place. Rehang the door in the frame, if necessary, to finish the seal's installation.

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