Survival Tips For Women In A Home-Based Business

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There was joke going around the internet that went like this: A printer said to a client, 'Thank you, Mr Brown, for your patronage.
I wish I had twenty customers like you.
' 'Gosh, it is nice to hear that, but I am kind of surprised,' says Mr Brown, 'because as you know I am inclined to argue over every bill and I always pay late.
' To which the printer replied, 'That is true--but I'd still like twenty customers like you.
My problem is: I have two hundred.
' If you are in a home-based business is it possible you have customers you would be better off without? To do well in business you need to discern which customers you want from those you don't.
Here are some things to watch out for: o The client or job that is too big for you because you either don't have the resources, or putting in place the resources will expose you to too much financial risk o The client or job that will make you lose other customers that are important to you o The client or job that will be too time consuming or will make you become too specialized o The client that drives too hard a bargain or who may bully you o The client whose dodgy reputation will taint your good name by association o The clientyou suspect may be working for your opposition (or they will become your competition) o Any client that is unreasonable or has unachievable expectations o The client who simply doesn't have the money and can't afford you
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