How to Decorate the Backs of Kitchen Chairs

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    • 1). Obtain a long strip of fabric -- about 3 or 4 feet long by however wide you feel is necessary -- that matches your color scheme and tie the fabric around the back of the chair. If you are good at bows, tie a nice bow in the fabric. If not, pin the fabric in a draping fashion and tie a flower to the fabric.

    • 2). String fruits or other items like beads or shells from a string and tie them to the back of your chairs. If you're decorating for a seasonal party, try stringing in-season fruits. For Christmas, string cranberries or popcorn on ribbons and tie them on.

    • 3). Weave ribbons through your chair backs. Select ribbons that match your color scheme and weave them through the rails (if your chair has them) in the chair back. You can secure the ribbon at the top by using hot glue to attach the end to the ribbon (wrapping it in a loop around the first rail). If your chair back doesn't have rails, you can wrap the ribbon around the chair back.

    • 4). Hang ornaments from the chair back. This is particularly nice during the holidays but can add an element of interest at anytime of year. Christmas-type ornaments are appropriate in the late fall and winter, but during the spring or summer you could hang shells, dried flowers or other items. Make sure they aren't breakable items, especially if you have kids or pets.

    • 5). Purchase contact paper and stick it to the back of your chair. If you don't mind sticking something fairly permanent on your chair, consider getting a print of contact paper that you like and placing it on the back of your chairs. You can either place the paper on first and use a X-ACTO knife to cut the paper to fit, or make a template of your chair and cut the paper beforehand.

    • 6). Use pillowcases to cover the backs of chairs. Either purchase inexpensive, plain pillowcases and decorate them yourself with fabric paint or embroidery, or use printed pillowcases you already own or would like to buy. Simply place the pillowcase over the back of the chair. You can pin it if you need a more custom fit.

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