Advantages & Disadvantages in Microshipping

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    • If your pet gets lost, the obvious advantage to a microchip is that if an established agency, such as the Humane Society or animal shelter receives your animal, they will scan him and be able to identify where you live and return him to you.


    • The microchip is easily implanted under the animal's skin. A veterinarian uses a needle a bit larger than a regular injection needle to insert the chip. It lasts for up to 25 years and doesn't require a battery to run.


    • Thieves cannot remove a microchip the same way they can take collars and tags off an animal. If you have a type of pet commonly stolen, such as a purebred dog, a microchip ensures that if you report your animal stolen and he gets scanned, police can verify that you are the actual owner.


    • Although chances are low, a microchip can migrate out of the skin and need to be replaced. If the chip migrates while under the skin, it may not read when scanned, so veterinarians recommend that you get your pet scanned frequently to ensure the chip is still in place.


    • With microchip insertion you run the risk of your pet getting an infection at the insertion site if you do not keep it clean. Chances are low, and the benefits of getting the chip outweigh the risks significantly.

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