How to Test an Emergency Exit Light

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    • 1). Visually check the exit light under normal operating conditions. There are two different bulbs inside, an 120 volt AC bulb fed off the main power supply, and a DC-powered bulb--usually 6 volts--supplied by a battery. The exit sign must be fully lit by the main power supply. If the 120 volt light is no longer lighting the sign, the exit bulb needs to be replaced.

    • 2). Push in the red "test" button on the side of the exit light, and hold it in for at least 30 seconds. The 30-second minimum is essential for a proper test, because even a nearly dead battery will supply several seconds of power.

    • 3). Replace the battery if the emergency light will not stay lit for the required 30-second time frame. If the light will not go one with a fresh battery installed, replace the light bulb and re-test.

    • 4). Replace the entire unit when both a fresh battery and fresh bulb are installed, yet the exit sign does not light up when the test button is pushed.

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