The Numerous Benefits You Can" t Get Without A Recruiting Agency

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How often have somebody moaned that their income was not calculated correctly, that the current policies running the company are inept for inducement and development, or that the facilities are not well kept as according to standards? So when any of these required elements break up who gets the blame? That is right, the responsibility and the blame will fall onto the shoulders of the management and yet if the manager was clumsy at handling the job why was he hired in the 1st place? Why neither the HR dep. nor the Senior Executivess managed to spot his absence of abilities BEFORE she got employed. If the HR dpt is in charge of internal as well as external human resources why did the recrutement fail. Simply because of the absence of a dedicated hiring consultancy.

To see why, let's go back to the general problem and then look at its causes. The HR dep. is accountable for a lot of things within the corporation. They're answerable for handling the income of the staff, their benefits like insurances and retirement, and for creating inspirational and career-developing pursuits like team building events and seminars. To explain, a gigantic quantity of 'urgent' work - not to mention the numerous issues and other HR concerns that come with handling people! This leaves little room for those who will handle the hiring task. Here's where the issue actually develops as the Human resources dept lack of time will impede its managing of the task which often finally lead to the company's rise or inevitable downfall.

Not to mention that any new recrutement involves a lot of obligatory verifications which are extraordinarily time consuming the time which the HR dpt lacks. So HR dep. will instead focus on insubstantial 'cues' such as looks, overall perspective, understood personality and CV when the candidate is herself at the height of her game as she's completely concentrated / focused on getting the position. If it is the "feeling" they were given of the applicant during the interview, or the high-school he went to - soft arguments are utilised when more concrete ones ( ability to get the job done / prior proved experience / etc ) should have been utilized!. As a clear result, corporations eventually end-up hiring unseemly applicants who do not have the very talents / knowledge actually needed to deliver the predicted job.

That is the reason why the employed staff end up doing such a poor job ; they weren't screened properly and thus the wrong staff were employed. So not merely will the company end-up paying someone who won't deliver the right return on their investment, but , worst, this hiring mistake will also cost the company greatly Human resources dep and senior management time to either fix ( train ) the new candidate or remove her.

All of this could have been avoided with one easy solution : to hire a recruiting agency.

Indeed, by outsourcing the recruiting job to a recruitment agency the company would have been able to gain more time and freedom to fully handle their real responsibilities. By applying simple tasks division, the external recruitment agency's focus would thus be the finding, screening and presenting of the best applicants possible, whilst the HR department would be in a position to focus on ensuring that the existing work force is providing the maximum output thru focusing on making sure the best training, inducement and culture a company can create. And this, without any impact on the company's resources ( budget as well as time). As a consequence, and now the company is able to target its current desires rather than onto fretting about recruiting unsuited staff, its productiveness would at long last increase clearly!

Then, the only remaining issue is weither it is really possible to literally identify and hire good recrutement agencies. Yes, there's! Indeed, any recruitment agency that has been "around the block" for a period of time should be really able of managing the hiring process through with good results in terms of new candidates' recruitment.

In other words, such a company will be able simply to source, assess, check and follow the absolute best candidate a company can afford, making certain as high a ROI as feasible!

So don't waste time nor try to save on the money which will really return many times its original investment. And thus - rather than looking next for the best candidate, look instead for the best recrutement agency and see your profits grow!
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