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Eben Pagan has become known lately for the term "Moving the Free Line Content" and his good at delivering his speeches over the countertop table wearing his famous blue polo shirt, sometimes black or pink shirt. In the newest program, he is launching his Guru Home Study Course, a watered down version of his popular, high-end product called Guru Mastermind which priced at the range of 6 to 12 thousand dollar a year to become a member to 24 thousand dollar a year.

In this course, he is releasing a FREE training video which overviews about how to start an information product, how and when to release a product, determine your prospect or customer hot buttons, how to generate customers and how-to's on lead generation model.

The 3 elements on how to start an information publishing business and Eben calls this the 3 key pillars are your content pillar, your customer pillar and your conversion pillar.

Content pillar is your product, your videos, your articles that you write, the pdf downloadable report and your audios. This is the materials that you teach that you want to share, give away or sell. And as you know, content is always the king especially in article writing.

Conversion pillar is where you want your visitor, or prospect or customer to take action. You demand action from just being a visitor to a prospect then from a prospect to become a customer. It's moving from one set of action to another, that's conversion and it boils down to marketing. One example I could give is, when a visitor comes to your website you offer a form to receive a free report on how to train a dog. They will optin to your newsletter and that's how they receive the free report.

Customer pillar is all about your customers, how to get them to your website to generate customers. With the technology we have today, like Web 2.0 it's becomes more powerful and easier. At this stage this is what Eben Pagan rightly calls "the lead generation model".

Visitor comes to your website, you give them free stuff, optin to your mailing list, your offering various type of free tips, trainings, teleseminars and one-on-one free phone call that eventually when you are offering your actual product, your prospect will have a really good buying decisions whether or not to buy the product from you.

So there are 3 key pillars. If we talk about content pillars, this is where the deciding factor whether or not we have a successful info-product business. As Eben says "... teach you a simple 3 question test that I would like to ask to choose a niche".

These are the 3 questions:
  • Is my visitor or a prospect experiencing pain and urgency or irrational passion?
  • Is my visitor or a prospect pro-actively looking for a solution?
  • Does my visitor or prospect have few or no perceived options?

The 3 question summarizes like this. You need to create a product content that's specific, that is targeted, answers to the need of the person, and you are the only or unique person offering the solution. In other words, you provide the answer to their problems, pains, discomfort of the visitor or customer with a competitive advantage over another.

These questions will help reduce the tendency of failure when selecting a niche or micro-niches that we know most businesses 80-90% are. If we can get 3 yeses you bring down the probability, flipping the odds of failure so you get 10-20% failure rate. That's Eben experience.

So there your 3 key pillars and 3 question test to start a product.

Starting, building and growing an info-product business is not rocket-science, there's no black-hat stuff or ninja tricks. Though there are methods or ways how to get ahead of the curve, like months or years then you need to be a student. To be a good student of the art, be trained to get the best available information there is to build successful information product business. If you really interested getting into the fast track, attend a class or a course.

Eben Pagan is opening his Guru Home Study Course for everyone. Watch his free video training, where he giveĀ  43:44 minutes of GOLD MINE "Info Marketing" tips.
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