How to Wire a Highlander Hybrid for a Trailer Wiring Converter

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    • 1). Locate the wiring harness connection on your Highlander for the control unit. This will be in the driver's foot well, directly to the left of the brake pedal. Plug the harness into the connection by pushing them together.

    • 2). Remove the two-sided tape's plastic film on the control box and fasten the box to a flat surface that doesn't interfere with the driver's controls. Fasten any loose wires with cable ties.

    • 3). Open the rear cargo door for the Highlander and remove the lid for the floor storage area. Remove the cover for the left-side compartment. Remove the two screws in the floor of the left-side storage compartment with a screwdriver, and remove the floor by lifting it up.

    • 4). Locate the vehicle's four-pin connector in the left side compartment under the taillight. Plug the supplied four-pole harness into this connector by pushing them together.

    • 5). Reinstall the rear cargo compartment floor and hatch.

    • 6). Open the front hood of the Highlander and locate the fuse panel. Open the cover on the panel and locate the fuse that is specified for the towing package. The fuse location will be specified on the diagram below the lid. Push the supplied 10-amp fuse into this location.

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