What Tools Do Dentists Use to Clean Teeth?

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    Ultrasonic Instrument

    • An ultrasonic instrument is one of the first tools used by dentists during the teeth cleaning process. This particular instrument is used with water while creating high frequency vibrations that help to loosen plaque and tartar.

    Fine Hand Tools

    • Once the tartar and plaque have been loosened, small hand tools are then used to scrape the tartar buildup off of the teeth, which will help to smooth the surface of the teeth so that they can then be polished. Fine hand tools include mouth mirrors, which help the dentist see virtually anywhere inside the mouth. Various scrapers of different sizes and angles are also used to reach different teeth and areas of the mouth in order to free teeth of plaque and tartar buildup.

    Electric Tooth Polisher

    • After the plaque and tartar have been scraped off, the dentist will use an electric tooth polisher. The polisher is dipped into a gritty paste which is then massaged onto the teeth, making them more smooth and polished. Keeping the teeth smooth helps to prevent the plaque from sticking to them in between professional teeth cleanings.


    • The final tool used by dentists during teeth cleaning is fluoride. Fluoride isn't necessarily used at every cleaning visit, but when it is, it will always be the last process. During a fluoride treatment, a flavored gel is put onto flexible trays that are then placed inside the mouth over the teeth. Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel of the teeth and comes in a variety of flavors that the patient can choose from, including strawberry, bubble gum and pina colada.

    Saliva Ejector

    • Saliva ejectors are completely harmless tools used to control moisture throughout the teeth cleaning process by using a small amount of suction to rid the mouth of excess saliva, blood and other excess dental material.

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