1800 Series Used - Cisco Routers and Fixed Configuration

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Delivery is the name of the game with routers.
Whether you have the budget to invest in new or you have been using used Cisco routers or those from another OEM for many years, you are looking for delivery capability along with the best in integration, resilience, speed, scalability and, of course, security.
The Cisco 1800 Series trumped the 1700 Series in many respects, and the focused-app, fixed-config model of the 1800 Series is an integrated services delivery system worthy of review.
Created to augment the Series 1800 Modular routers, the Fixed-Configuration routers were designed with the following objectives in mind:
  • Ordering ease
  • Deployment ease
  • Security in a single unit
  • Routing in a single unit
  • Specific to a single application
Available in wireless and non-wireless models, fixed configuration routers, whether new or refurbished (Cisco routers carry a strong reputation for both a long life and attributes worth reusing), are easy to manage and introduce concentrated power at a lower investment threshold.
A number of models exist in this particular Cisco series, each designed to meet certain applications.
For example, the Cisco 1812 Security Router is designed for security routing, while the Cisco 1801-M addresses asymmetrical solutions.
Certain requirements are on your list when you vet routers.
For example, fixed-configuration solutions are ideal for those in smaller offices or branch enterprise offices seeking broadband access with reliable security.
You can locate details and match up requirements to solutions yourself, or you may be best off discussing your needs with a dealer or service provider.
If you provide configuration services, you may not need guidance as much as you need comprehensive specs, in which case you can revert to the OEM or contact a distributor.
You can find help from those who recondition and sell refurbished Cisco routers and other used top brands, as these dealers are often OEM certified and can extend the benefit of their deep industry knowledge, sharing with your organization in exchange for a slice of your good business.
Advantages/Limitations Fixed-configuration may or may not be the route to take.
If you are looking for a router that supports voice processing or protocols, know that Series 1800 Fixed doesn't provide this application, nor does this model offer a WAN interface card, virtual interface card, or high-speed WIC modular slot.
What you can expect are switch ports to use with IP phones when you're talking about a centralized Cisco CallManager deployment situation.
You can also count on Stateful Inspection firewall for advanced security, IP security with triple data encryption or advanced encryption features, an IPS for intrusion prevention and other security features.
Again, specifics can be easily located online, and configuration help is provided by those who offer quality refurbished Cisco routers.
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