How to Choose Good Colors for a Holiday Picture

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    • 1). Discuss how many people will be in your photo. The more people in your picture, the more difficult it will be to organize colors. A crowded family photo looks best in plain, simple prints and neutral colors.

    • 2). Look at the complexion and skin tones of your participants. If your family is full of people with very pale skin tones, avoid light colors such as white, which will wash everyone out. If you have a number of dark skinned people, dark colors like navy and black will blend into the skin and make for an unclear picture.

    • 3). Decide if there will be children in your photo. Children are more difficult to keep clean, making light colored outfits a risk. If your family does insist on light colors with children, be sure to dress them just before the photo is taken.

    • 4). Review what backgrounds are available through your photographer. You want to try and choose colors that compliment the background of your liking, so give yourself plenty of time to look over everything. Busy backgrounds such as scenery are best suited for simple patterns or solid colors, while plain backgrounds can be the perfect backdrop for more busy outfits.

    • 5). Choose a gender-neutral color if you will have a number of males and females present. Colors such as greens, blues and reds compliment both men and women equally well and will not make anyone uncomfortable.

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