A Better Understanding of Giclee Canvas Printing

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Do you want to reproduce your photograph or original painting with a variety of styles and clolors? Giclee canvas printing is the answer. The word "Giclee" is a French term, meaning to spray or squirt, which is how an inkjet printer works. As a fine art term, this word has come to be associated with prints using fade-resistant, archival inks (pigment based, as well as newer solvent based inks), and archival substrates primarily produced on Epson and some other types of large format printers.

Inkjet printing are also called Giclee which is a process of making copies from fine art, photos or even artwork produced using a computer. In Giclee printing, no screen or other mechanical devices are used and therefore there is no visible dot screen pattern. The resulting image has all the hues and tonalities of the original photo chosen by customers to be printed on canvas. Giclee printers use special light-fast inks, which, if kept out of the sun, will remain true for up to 25 years. They have multiple cartridges for variations of each color based on magenta, light magenta, cyan and light cyan inks. This increases the apparent resolution and color gamut and allows smoother gradient transitions.

Giclee canvas printing can be customized according to your requirements. In this method, the digital image that has to be printed is scanned in the computer and printed on the canvas using a wide format printer. Water-soluble dye based inks which are devised specifically for fine art production, are utilized. If the canvas is dry, it is then stretched and fastened over wooden frame bars.

Printing experts believe that Giclee canvas prints have excellent colour accuracy that enhances the beauty of the printed images. The important aspect of printing is that the color scheme should remain accurate through the entire processing and serve the needs of customers.

These are durable and don't need to be protected behind glass. As decorative items, giclee canvas prints are valued possessions. These are also ideal as special gifts on all important occasions. Enlarged prints in this category are excellent for any ad or product promotion. The greatest advantage of giclee printing is its high level of accuracy and its capability of reproducing the original image regardless of the size.

Giclee canvas prints come in different styles, shapes and dimensions to match any home or office interiors.
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