How to Make Iron-Ons With Material

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    • 1). Cut your material out in the desired design. You can make your iron-on out of more than one piece of material or patterned fabric if you wish.

    • 2). Place the paper down on the ironing board. Place the piece or pieces of material for the patch on the ironing board, the side that you want to stick to the clothing should be facing up.

    • 3). Place the adhesive paper on top of the material. Turn on the iron to heat it up.

    • 4). Flip the adhesive paper and material patch over so that the paper is on the ironing board and the material is facing up. Cut the paper off around the patch. Place a piece of regular paper on top of the material. This will prevent the glue from getting on your iron.

    • 5). Iron over the patches to transfer the glue to the material.

    • 6). Peel the adhesive backing off when you are ready to use the iron on. Place the sticky side of the iron-on on the clothing, iron over it to stick the patch to the clothes.

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