Holiday Cookware 101: Pie Pans, Roasting Pans and Cooking Tools

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Baking and cooking delicious food is a big part of holiday celebrations. Holiday cooking is easy and enjoyable when you use the right cookware and tools. Roast Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham perfectly with roasting pans and bake pies from scratch using good-quality pie pans. Here are some tips to choose cookware for the holidays.

For Roasting
The succulent turkey on Thanksgiving and the glazed ham on Christmas are holiday menu essentials. To make these delectable holiday roasts, stock your kitchen with heavy duty roasting pans. These pans are an excellent addition to the kitchen and you can use them for all-round cooking. Roasting pans with non-stick coating are good choices. The non-stick surface allows for easy release so it can be used to roast delicate food like fish and veggies. It also makes cleanup after holiday meals a lot easier.

Choose pans that can be transferred from the oven to the stovetop. After roasting, use the drippings to make gravy by directly placing the pan on the stovetop. Another helpful feature to look for in roasting pans is upright handles. They can be very helpful when you wish to lift the holiday roast out of the oven.

A set of carving tools with a sharp knife and a fork are holiday essentials. Choose carving tools that are well-balanced to neatly slice through holiday roasts. Look for ergonomically designed handles that are easy to grip.

For Baking
Pie pans, baking dishes and mixing bowls are necessary baking gear for the holidays. Choose pie pans and cake pans based on your cooking needs and preferences. Most baking recipes specify the type and size of pans and bakeware that should be used. Build a well-rounded bakeware collection by choosing baking dishes in different sizes and types to bake a wide range of pies and cakes.

Start with the basics like classic fluted pie pans with scalloped rims and deep dishes. Non-stick ones are great for releasing pastries intact. Gorgeous ceramic pie dishes are also a good choice as they can go straight from the oven to the holiday tabletop. Look for pie dishes that are safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher to simplify your holiday baking and cleanup.

Make tasty holiday food for family and friends with these cookware tips.

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