8 Top Tips For Losing Weight And Keeping It Off!

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Are you sick of trying diet after diet and seeing the weight pile straight back on? These eight simple tips will guarantee the next time you lose weight it stays off for good!

1) Don't skip breakfast!

LoOK at it this way. Assuming you had around 8 hours' sleep the night before and didn't eat right before you went to bed, there's a good chance you'll have just gone at least ten hours without food. Is there any wonder that by skipping breakfast you run the risk of eating junk food by mid-morning (maybe 14-15 hours after you last ate?). No. Eat something healthy like a bowl of low-sugar, fibre-rich cereal, some wholemeal toast or a banana to set your day off on the right footing.

2) It's not that you snack, it's what you snack on!

OK, it's mid-morning, the clock's telling you it's still a couple of hours till lunch and you're famished?

What do you do? The biggest temptation is to find the nearest shop or vending machine and buy something like a chocolate bar, right?

But, with around 300 calories per chocolate bar, that would take approaching an hour of very brisk walking to burn off. All that for a minute-long treat's hardly worth it.

Try some carrot sticks or celery with hummous instead. If it's a sweet treat you're after, have an apple, chopped up, with a little peanut butter.

3) Drink more water!

The next time you get a craving for a treat or think you're really hungry, there's a good chance it could be down to dehydration. Drink a glass of water - you'll be surprised how quickly the hunger pangs disappear.

4) Turn the TV off while you're eating!

By not concentrating on what you're eating, and being distracted while you do so, you're liable to eat up to 40 per cent more than you would do without the distraction.

Eat your meals away from the room with a TV in it, or turn the TV off!

5) Limit your alcohol intake!

I realise this is often easier said than done, particularly after a long, hard day at work or of loOKing after the kids, but if you can limit your alcohol intake to weekends, say, rather than here and there through the week, you'll reduce your calorie intake by hundreds per week.

6) Record what you eat!

For one week only, right down whenever and whatever you eat. Be as detailed as you possibly can about the quantity and nature of the good you're consuming. At the end of that week loOK at what you could have done without or what healthier alternatives you could have had in their place.

7) Buy a pedometer!

Pedometers are relatively cheap but can go a long way towards helping you achieve your weight-loss goals. Aim to walk 10,000 steps a day. If that's not possible right now, use the pedometer to find out how far you walk on average per day and resolve to walk a couple of thousand steps further.

8) Use smaller plates!

Studies have proved that the less food people have in front of them the less they'll want to eat.

Use smaller plates to serve your main meals on and see for yourself how you begin to eat - and feel the need for - less food.

You're now in possession of some great ways to get control of your life back and lose weight, and if you act on the information in this short article, you won't loOK back.
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