How to Fix Tire Cupping

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    • 1). Park your car on a level surface and set the emergency brake.

    • 2). Examine your tires one by one to see which tires are cupped.

    • 3). Push down on the vehicle fender area next to each cupped tire. If the vehicle continues to bounce up and down more than once after you release it, it is likely that shocks are the reason for the cupping.

    • 4). Take the vehicle to the auto repair shop and have them change the shocks. Then have the shop put the cupped tires on the rear of the car until they wear smooth again. If the cupping is too severe, the tire shop may be able to use a tire-shaving machine to even them out.

    • 5). Look for cupping on the front tires. If the cupping is on the inside or outside of the tread, mis-alignment of the front end is the likely cause. Take the vehicle to the auto repair shop and have them rotate the tires to put the best on the front and perform an alignment.

    • 6). Ask the auto repair shop to balance the tires. Many times cupping can be caused by tires being out of balance.

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