How to Finish Wood Trim on a Countertop

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    • 1). Wipe down the countertop trim with sticky tack cloths.

    • 2). Protect the countertop from stain drips, splatters and overlap by meticulously covering it with plastic drop cloths and professional painter's tape. Apply painter's tape to the drywall directly adjacent to the trim.

    • 3). Open the can of oil-based stain and stir it for two minutes with a wooden stir stick. Pour a 1/2-gallon of stain into a 1-gallon painter's pot.

    • 4). Coat the countertop trim with stain, using a 2- to 4-inch paintbrush specifically engineered for use with oil paints. Apply only a light coat to prevent runs. Use cloth rags to wipe the wet stain from the countertop trim. Wait two hours for the stain to dry. Add a second coat for darker results. Wait a minimum of four hours for the final coat of stain to dry.

    • 5). Wash your paintbrush with mineral spirits.

    • 6). Coat the stained countertop trim with a polyurethane varnish, using the clean paintbrush. Wait a minimum of four hours for the countertop trim to dry.

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