How to Change Shutter Speeds on a Sony Cyber-shot S750

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    • 1). Make the shutter speed faster by selecting High Sensitivity ISO. The higher ISO, the more the light sensitivity, the less light that is needed for a good picture. As a result, the shutter will close more quickly.

    • 2). Decrease the ISO sensitivity for the opposite effect; the shutter will be open longer.

    • 3). Select Twilight mode or Twilight Portrait mode to decrease the shutter speed; the shutter will be open for longer, allowing more light in. These modes are for low light use. A tripod is recommended to avoid blurring in the final photograph. Avoid these modes for a faster shutter speed.

    • 4). Check your shutter speed by looking in the bottom left side of the LCD viewfinder. The shutter speed (for instance, 125 or 250) will be just to the left of the F-stop (for example, 2.8 or 5.6).

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