Watch Tv On The Computer Today: Four Tips

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Did you know that thousands of movies, videos and TV shows can be accessed through your computer? Your laptop can be used as a portable television allowing TV viewing wherever you have Internet access.

Things are even more interesting if your Internet connection is wireless. These are just a few of the benefits of watching TV on the computer and this article will give you four tips on how to do this.

1) If you enjoy movie classics, documentaries or simply have a desire to revisit the shows that you watched as a kid, try looking for them in the public domain. Anything with an expired copyright that was never renewed is considered to be in the public domain and is free to be used in any way that you wish.

This material can be easily found with a search engine where your search query has a phrase containing 'public domain' plus 'video' or 'film', etc. If you give the search some effort, it shouldn't take long to find lots of these 'golden oldies'.

2) Try using a TV tuner card to convert your PC into a television set that receives and displays video signals to your monitor. Most TV tuner cards will also allow you to record and playback whatever show you wish to watch at a later time.

Because tuner cards input the same TV signals that your television does, no Internet connection is required for their use. The price range for a good TV tuner card can vary from $100 to about $200.

3) How do you get a DVD quality image when viewing a movie on your PC? Answer: insert a DVD into your CD-ROM drive! In order to do this, you need to download the appropriate media player with this capability.

Get one free at Click on the yellow 'Get it free' button and follow the instructions. When you've installed the player, start it up, open the 'Play' menu at the top and click on 'Play CD or DVD'.

4) A more recent method to watch TV on the computer is the use of a software download that enables your PC to pick up satellite TV via the Internet. Because the TV shows are transmitted online, there are no hardware requirements other than having an Internet connection that is reasonably fast.

With this software, you will typically have access to more than 3000 channels all over the world . The software prices are between $40 to $100. This is a one time purchase that will set you up for life with no other recurring fees or payments.

Hopefully this article has given you an idea of what's available to you through your PC and its connection to the Internet. The good news is that there is no end in sight to the explosion of Internet TV and video.

You really won't know what you are missing until you take the time to check out Internet TV for yourself.
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