Grand Choices in Portable High Chair Booster Seats - Don"t Be Caught Without One

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Could a high chair have anything to do with your child staying safe and free of illnesses? The suggestion that you pay attention to the high chair/booster seats that your child gets to use on pain of having your child falling ill might sound like one more (particularly pathetic) example of runaway over-parenting.
But that is until you hear the arguments for it that reason that buying your own portable highchair/booster seats should be a matter of simple hygiene.
Think of the last time you took your baby with you on a family trip to a McDonald's or took your baby shopping with you and stopped by for some shopping fuel at the mall food court.
If you are like most people, you probably asked the restaurant for a booster seat as soon as you arrived to help prop your child up the table so you could feed him.
If you've ever given that seat anything more than a cursory glance, you know how poorly maintained it usually is.
Most restaurants keep high chair/booster seats that are public health hazards - sticky from spilled food from previous visitors, grimy from past encounters with who knows how many children.
Most restaurants that never let a table go uncleaned or let a toilet remain unmopped for more than a half hour sadly never pay attention to the booster seats that they buy and stock.
When it comes to your child's health, you certainly need to take matters to your own hands.
Let's look at a couple of the best examples of portable high chairs on the market, and find out which ones would be best for your money, and best for your child.
To begin with, let's take the Regalo Easy Diner Portable Hook-On High Chair.
This great product comes in at less than $20, a price that gives you no reason to let you child make do without his own chair.
It's strong enough, it's little enough that it doesn't need too much space, and it comes with its own carry case.
What makes it particularly safe though is the fact that it's your child's own personal chair, and that it comes with five-point harness.
One of the most innovative high chair products on the market is the Jeep - Travel Anywhere 2-in-1 Sport Booster Seat & Everyday Bag.
It does come in for a tad over the Regalo at $30, but it's unbelievably convenient.
It's great, it goes over the restaurant's chair just as well as it does on a booth.
The great part is, that this chair comes with its own carry bag that can store all kinds of baby necessities in its various storage areas and compartments.
As you can see, businesses love developing great products for babies.
It's just a fact of life.
People can't resist babies.
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